• GSM Control and GPS-GLONASS Tracking Systems

Try ALTOX APP – Free GPS-GLONASS monitoring system now! The system is compatible with ALTOX TRACKER-5 – GPS-GLONASS equipment

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Free Transport Monitoring

ALTOX APP satellite tracking system allows you to remotely control movements of your cars via a PC, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone.

The system displays the exact location of a car and its current speed, the history of movements and standstills, the mileage, sensors data, events (speeding, leaving a geo zone, etc.), SIM card balance, geo zones and POI, and implements a remote blocking of the engine.

New Internet-application

Using ALTOX APP Internet-application you can control a parking heater via the Internet in real time.

ALTOX WBUS/EBUS-5 with a GPS module version will also allow you tracking the location of the vehicle.

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