ALTOX WBUS 4/5 GSM modules and ALTOX EBUS 5 GSM modules - Promotional Offer

Do you want to receive ALTOX WBUS 4/5 GSM module and ALTOX EBUS 5 GSM module as a gift? Create a photo report or a video review of you installing ALTOX on your car and we will give you your money back!
To participate in the promotional offer, write to us via a contact form on our contacts page.

Requirements to the content of the photo report
— Content: the text should include the description of the installation and the operation activity
— Word count: not less than 1,000
— Characters count: not less than 7,000
— Number of photographs: not less than 20
— Resolution of photographs: not less than 1024 x 768

When publishing your photo report on our website we reserve the right to minor corrections of the text with the purpose of search engine optimization as well as to corrections of spelling and adding the link to the author.

Refund conditions
Refund will be processed in 30 days after the text and photos have been received subject to the conditions described above and under the condition that the author of the report will not publish it online within 30 days after submitting the report.