Attention! Online GPS-GLONASS tracking system ALTOX SERVER 2.0 is now no monthly fees!

All current users previously registered, as well as all new registered users can operate with online GPS-GLONASS tracking vehicle system ALTOX SERVER 2.0 completely free without any restrictions.

All current and new users are given
— Add an unlimited number of objects in one account
— Set up an unlimited number of events and notifications
— Create an unlimited number geozones and POI-points
— Create an unlimited number of subaccounts with full configuration partial access to its facilities
— Storing the history of the mileage of each facility for more than 30 days

Users having multiple accounts
To combine your objects into a single account, please delete an objects from the others old, unused in the future, accounts and added it to the current actual account. To remove objects: log in system settings and press the button in front of the object with the image of a basket, and to add - in the lower left corner of the button with the plus sign.
The history of the routes object is not deleted and remains available on the new account.
Operational Manual ALTOX SERVER 2.0 (GPS-GLONASS monitoring system)